View Full Version : Forbidden Kingdom "Club

12-09-2017, 04:21 PM
"Trove PS4" Forbidden Club is now recruiting members.

We are recruiting 10K+ pr .
Our club has a theme of the Forbidden spire Biom.
I do norm/hard st carry on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
I do a big giveaway on the 20th of each month.
Giveaway info will be posted in the club.
I'm also looking for builders who will be paid for building specific builds. payment is made in 2 part ones when half is completed and ones its done. And payments will vary on the complexity of the build.

Beside all that we are a verry welcoming club to all colored names after all a purple name can be a white name just if hes lucky lol.pormotions are available by donation of clubits, activity, team player thers many ways you can earn a promotion but one we dont give them out becaus you juts join a club to get promoted sry.

join us in /joinworld Forbidden Kingdom. Be sure to prop if you like what you seen and join if you wana be part of our club.

ty for joining or just visiting have a good day all.