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03-02-2015, 07:06 PM
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<B>Arriving on 3/3/15!</B>

<B>== FEATURES== </B>

* We have a new tutorial world-- with lore!-- accessible again by typing /tutorial.
* New tutorial popups are also available! You can reset the popups to display again via the menu.

* Head to your Gardening bench for access to a slew of new seasonal flowers to plant and grow! And make note that winter flowers will no longer grow!
* There is now a new spring hub!

<B>== GAME UPDATE== </B>

* Glim gain is now back to normal.
* The time between a player drinking a flask and being ready to preform another action has been greatly reduced.
* Winter-themed plants are now stunted and will not grow.
* Fixed bugs where portals would sometimes spawn in or below the hub.
* Fixed a bug that caused the game to significantly slow down when traveling long distances.

* There are now Spring Pinatas in the store!
* Chaos Chests have been randomized!
** Including early access to the Dance Pad, Sharp Shooter, and Blood Knight!

* Club worlds now have a capacity of 60 players.!

* Bow Vault Style Surprises can now be crafted at 200 Runecrafting skill!


* Air currents in the Radiant Ruins are now visible from a further distance.

* Clouds should no longer overlap foreground VFX.
* Skybox should no longer be visible when swimming in deep water.

* Candy barbarian - slight sound tweaks - louder weapons, icecream bomb sound layer.
* Fix Uber Portals missing audio.
* Music - Ocean Theme Added.
* Fixed Scoops' jump sound.
* The sound that players make when receiving damage has been separated from the sounds made by the player when dealing damage, to help determine when you are actually being affected adversely.

* Some loot boxes now have a beta version of our new UI - check it out!
* Fixed an issue causing mass looted equipment to show up as multiples of the first item in the log, instead of separate items.
* The settings dialog now informs you if you forgot to assign a key binding.

* New Fae Wilds lair from Markec1983.
* New Fae Wilds lair from Qoaleth.
* New Candoria lair from Arnoxuz.
* New Candoria lair from Clobunny.
* New Undead Hills lair from Khastiel.
* New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Stedms.
* New Dragonfire Peaks dungeon from Karokendo.
* New Neon City dungeon from Tribe.
* New Medieval Highlands dungeon from Thunderised.
* New Fae Wilds dungeon from LippyLapras.
* New Undead Hills lair from KtlavskoX.
* New Neon City lair from Walyn.
* New Neon City dungeon from Pix-El.
* New decor by Curtharv, Meowsifer, PsicoVoxeL, Ocgineer, Tribe, Mikabella, Variableingwer, and Kukui has been added to the game!