View Full Version : I can't receive items purchased from the PlayStation store

11-15-2017, 07:07 AM

I have been playing trove since the ps4 beta, but I never have been able to receive the things I purchase from the PlayStation store. Last year January i bought the empowered gem pack for 20,- but didn't receive the content, I contacted trion and after 3 weeks I got a mail back saying they send the rewards manually which they did. After that I purchased another small credits pack 5,- but never got the credits, also bought all the free things but never got them in game. Any idea how to fix this ?

P.s. I play on the American server because my friends are American. ( I am not, I am dutch)

11-30-2017, 04:14 PM
I have a UK PSN account and I have had to download the US version of Trove in order to play with my friends that play Trove.

I have made multiple purchases from the store which I never received. Trion Worlds and PS did refund my money.

However the issue I am having, is that I want to purchase things but no matter what I do, I never receive the goods. If i go onto the in-game store, I can see everything but the 'credits' tab. If i hover of the 'credits' tab the page is just blank.

I have mentioned this to Trion Worlds however the response I get never works and they don't seem to fully understand the issue.

Its rather frustrating. This issue would have never arisen if they haven't split EU and US servers.

Is there a fix or a solution for this? All I want is to throw some real money at this game.