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10-07-2017, 08:01 AM
gun: cd/as 0s0p 12k

staff: md/cd 0s1p 20k, md/as 0p1p 20k

melee: pd/as 0s0p 12k, pd/ms 0s2p 25k, pd/ms0s1p 20k

hat: mh/as 0s0p 12k, mh/cd 0s1p 20k, mh/cd 0s2p 25k,mh/ms 0s0p 12k, mh/ms 0s2p 20k

face: mh/ms 12k hm/ms 0s1p 20k, mh/ms 0s2p 20k, mh/ms 4s2p 35k, mh/cd 0s0p 15k, mh/cd 2s1p 25k, mh/cd 2s2p 30k, mh/sa 0s0p 12k

bow: pd/ms 0s0p 12k, pd/cd 0s1p 20k

/w kinggangham

10-09-2017, 06:36 PM
I'll take the CD staff if you still have it.

IGN: Vulant
Discord: Captain#5329