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10-21-2014, 04:05 AM
I wont sell any of the recipes since i dont need that much flux and i dont agree with a lot of flux-item-conversions anyway. You will find a list of recipes i am desperately seeking below. The wish list is by all means not complete so feel free to contact me.

A sorted list of my current doubles:

Abstract Arctic Painting
Ancient Bronze Totem
Ancient Cubit
Arctic Commando Gnome
Arctic Habitat Painting
Barrack Racks
Basalt Bishop
Basalt Rook
Beddy Sweepy Baby Bot
Busy Behive
Convenient Caffeinator
Cubic Speaker
Desert Cheq Table
Dragon Banner
Drawer Desk
Energy Ring
Eye of Mordotz
Fae Banner (blue)
Finer Recliners
Froggy Bath
Frosted Banner
Giddy Gradient
Gold Chain
Green Arrows
Lava Crystal
Leafy Canopies
Magical Frog King
Meadow Knight Gnome
Molten Orb
Optics-Enhanced Partition
Orange Glowy Gumdrop
Original G Poster
Plasma Fencing
Polished Rock Pedestals
Portentous Portrait
Robot Usher
Saloon Bar
Silver Chain
Stormy Bed
Succinct Signage
Tasteful Tiles
Toad Stand
Tolling Bell
Vox Mod Set
Wooden Chest

List of recipes i am looking for:

Block: Glowing Red
Cabinet Set
Comfy Green Armchair
Game Skeyer
Model Galley
Ol' Gold on Green (i need that!)
Smooth Sailing
Sorcerous Tome
Spiry Fountain
Stack of Shapestone
Tansu Base/Bookend A/B (i need that!)
Trellis Table
Window Recipes

List is up-to-date. 10/27/14

10-26-2014, 10:42 PM
I just thought this would be the perfect place to ask, if there is any pushing policy released yet?

btw. the list of my doubles is up-to-date.