View Full Version : Trove Live Stream , at Kill Zone Every Day

09-05-2017, 10:16 AM
Hello Friends , Join HEYxWHOS and the Kill Zone Club on Mixer , You can now watch HEYxWHOS everyday as we Live stream on Trove , We will be visiting a lot of awesome Clubs on Trove and we will also be playing a lot of games and doing a lot of giveaways at Kill Zone , Sometimes we will have Special Guest from other Clubs , sometimes we will be going over new updates , all the different classes , Gems , Gear , The list just goes on an on , Its going to be so much fun, So be sure to Follow HEYxWHOS on Mixer its super easy , Just click on the big circle button on your controller and tap on Games & Apps , Mixer will be in your Apps , Just tap on Mixer and on the search bar type in HEYxWHOS Its just that easy , Now just tap the FOLLOW button and you will get notified every time HEYxWHOS does a live stream on Trove at Kill Zone , Kill Zone will be live streaming on Mixer every Day , Dont miss out on the Fun ,