View Full Version : Hello from newest Xbox One player!

08-09-2017, 01:27 PM
Hello all!. I've just started playing Trove on Xbox one. My son (age 6) started a couple of months ago, so I needed to start my own account to learn how to play so I can play with him.

Game looks fun enough. Nice grind, mindless waste of time, so that's one thing I look for in an online game.

Any tips for new players just starting out? Seems there isn't a vast knowledge base for beginning like for other games.

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

08-09-2017, 01:51 PM
Glad you're getting to learn this game for your son, it's always nice to do things together as a family!

There is a few pieces of advice I would like to give you. Firstly: Gems are extremely important and vastly contribute towards your ability to defeat enemies and complete dungeons. Your first class will need to swap these gems out very often as you go to higher and higher adventure worlds and will take quite some time to reach it's highest potential!

Secondly: There are a lot of items that you can acquire in this game but they all take time to get! There is a lot of grinding involved but once you reach a certain level of mastery/general understanding you will start to get these items faster. There is the option to pay to make this process faster but I wouldn't recommend doing this immediately. It is probably better to wait it out and make an informed purchase later in the game.

Thirdly: Join a club! There are lots of clubs available to you and if you join into a few good clubs there should be a lot of people that will be more than willing to answer questions and help you out on your journey!

Hopefully this helps and I also hope that you enjoy your time on Trove!