View Full Version : I think I finally figured out how to Ice Sage with jump nerf.

02-24-2015, 10:36 PM
So as you all have known, ice sage's old routine is no longer possible, i;e: spam m2 in the air,
So I went ahead and tried to find a new way to solo with ice sage and came out with a solution.

And that solution is to stack HP as high as you can, get a prowling shadow, get some attack speed to get ur hp healed faster and get a lot of e-regen so you won't be penalized so much if you do decide to jump.

Here's a vid of ice sage solo'ing in u5:


However when it comes to solo'ing ranged enemies, you'll need to prioritize to get rid of them as soon as possible(like volcano crab), hopefully they have smaller hp pools, unless they're the fire bees that the 3 star emberdrake boss spawns, in that case you might just have to use a flask or 2, but it's possible to not use em at all if you can attack fast with prowling shadow equipped and a have a high hp pool.

Some people suggest to stack health regen, health regen only heals the stated amount over the course of 10 seconds, i;e 3k = 300 hp per sec, not as useful, stack movement speed, movement isn't as useful when it came to ranged enemies in close quarters battles.

Anyways those are my two cents on the class, I might do more experiments once I have the funds and or determination for it later.

Also, WTB class forum subsections.