View Full Version : Trove freezes at Entering world

07-23-2017, 03:08 PM
Issue; After being in a club world, my game continues to freeze constantly at the Entering world 0%. After a long wait will state failed to load world.

Can join a friends sessions so long as they are not in a club world or hub world. However will immediately freeze at same spot if I try to go to Hub world.

I have absolutely no access to the Hub world and cannot join unless I join a friends session that is not in the Hub world or a club world.

Assumptions; Some research suggests a bug exists that somehow the game keeps trying to load your Hub world as the club world you glitched in. Maybe a developer can access server side data and reset it to flag me as in the Hub world?

Have done;
close and restart application
Restart PS4
Power off PS4 and reboot
Delete trove entirely and reinstall
Log in and out of psn account
Tried playing in friends psn account on same PS4 and it worked fine for them (server side issue)
Yell at screen
Throw things

Temporary fixes;
Can join session of a friend as long as they are not in Hub or Club world. Immediately breaks game again if I try to use Hub teleport or portal. Cannot access Hub world.

Extra details;

Have two PS4 in house. No connection issues occur with other friends psn on that PS4 or the other PS4. Just strictly my trove account.

I have no issue connecting through psn to any other games. I can play dangerous elite, 7 days to die, minecraft, and more. No issues. Problem is isolated to trove.