View Full Version : My gem suggestions (considering what I checked)

07-02-2017, 04:10 PM
Of course this is open to discusion and also just a few thoughts/suggestions I got after checkin. Hope I can hear opinion of devs about this.

1) Able to see what stats have they rolls increased when you did upgrade gems on lv5 10 & 15 (3 stars) on any gem. This is so if you want to reroll a stat and don't know if it has 1 or 2 rolls when you upgraded.


2) Able to reroll those stars on any gem (from sugestion 1), same as the tentacle stat rolling, rng based, with something (for example a pearl), you use the pearl and then the stars change place.

Because in cases like, for example, I got a fire "red disc skill" empowered gem and i wanted to get the rolls from lv5 10 and 5 on the first stat but then seeing that all the 3 stats have 1 roll, its kind of annoying to have to wait weeks months to get the exact color and skill empowered gem, and also then try rng again and fail instead of not getting 3* on the first stat

3) Able to reroll empowered gem skill, its quite a pain because time gate and rng based in what color and skill you get

4) Small one, able to reroll color of empowered gem (but meh thats too much).