View Full Version : Little bit of Feedback

07-02-2017, 09:47 AM
First of all, good job to the dev team for pushing out the ST and Sub-classes so quickly, I expected it to come out a little whiles away after Megalithic came out. So, yeah. Super stoked.

There's a bug that I have noticed, but unsure whether or not its consistent. After fighting (and dying) on Draknik with a group, my sound suddenly cut off, so my basic attacks, menu selections SFX, etc stopped working. Reason I said that I wasn't sure if its consistent is because getting to the boss, even on Hard mode is quite a pain.

That brings me to my next point, the top 3 hard mode (Hydra - DOTM) definitely do not feel right. For example, our group had four 20k classes on HM DOTM, and it took us around 4 minutes to kill her. Just the simple fact that the "required" PR to join the HM is 2.5k, is going to see some player progress come to a snails pace if the boss required to get more empowered gems becomes fairly inaccessible for the average player. The U6 hard modes (Spike to now Pinata) stayed basically the same pre-patch, so the suddenly burst of skill required to complete the Shadow Tower was surprising, to say the least.

Another aspect of the new update that I do not completely agree with is the added RNG of empowered gems. I get it, the gem boosting and all that good stuff negates the general effect of having RNG, since you can just buff the stats, and that makes sense. However, to add RNG on top of an already time-gated progression (obtaining emp gems) and with the added difficulty of HM DOTM, in my eyes will hurt the overall player experience.

Despite this, I really enjoyed the update. There's a couple of other things that are more so annoyances than really game-breaking so you can ignore the rest of the list.

-Atlas is a little confusing but adds to the adventure aspect, so meh
-Some of the sub-classes aren't that great compared to the rest, ie. Knight's 6 extra flasks is so damn good
-The ST lobby didn't work for me, and sent me to a U5 world
-Cant use Cursed Skulls to build shurikens anymore :(