View Full Version : I would like to praise this PTS Update.

07-02-2017, 02:44 AM
Overall it was a good Update.

Subclass was good to be the best.
And in Hub Trovian Atlas is easy and easy to handle.

It was improved as a whole knowing the core of MMORPG properly.
"Good Job, Producer!"


I like Shadow Tower Ui, System very much.
It was OK to raise ST difficulty and level.
If you have to increase Dotm's difficulty a little more easily it is easier than 4th to 5th floor.

It is better to eliminate Titan's Tresure.

Making Mount, Costume, Ally, Sail is also expensive.

Correction is necessary if we consider that it will be applied to Main Server later.
Merchants have already begun panic buying an item called Heart Of Darkness.


"Gem Stat Augment and Reroll System" This is Unbalance.

I want you to exchange like this.

Superior : Titan Soul-> heart Of Darkness
Precise : reduces Gem Dust to Water,Fire,Air Gem Dust 750 each.
Rough : Heart of Darkness -> Shadow Shard

Chaos Spark :Lunar Soul -> Tentacle & Chaos Core
Eye 2100 -> Eye 750 needs to be changed to Clover, Dragon Coin.
Binding Darkness 4 -> Binding Darkness 1

- Anxious point-

And there are no elements related to SandBox at all.
Most users of Trove like the SandBox genre,
If you abandon the SandBox genre, Trove may lose its identity and the future of Trove may become more uncertain.

Trove did not develop after the PVP Contents, but was focused on RPG too.
Trove is very dangerous if only one part develops.

Especially the elements of SandBox have to develop more than ever.
Trove now has a wide variety of Content.
Trove still has many problems. Trove have to solve it certainly.