View Full Version : Gunslinger sub class ability cause minor Vfx and sound spam

06-30-2017, 06:00 PM
Time: Friday, June 30th, 3:48 PM GMT
Context: I move down steps of blocks or quickly land and go airborne
Expected: Normal and quite manuvering
Observed: Constant vfx flicker and spamming (vfx) sound
Repro Steps:
1. Turn on Gunslinger Sub Class ability
2. Go to any world with steps, or simply uneven terrain and go up/down it.
3. Watch and listen to the vfx spam.

imho sound isn't needed and the vfx can be a touch lighter and less noticeable, it's cool the frist few times I see it, but in actual gameplay where I land and jump often it gets tiresome and distracting.