View Full Version : Hotfix - May 23, 2017

05-22-2017, 04:16 PM

Fixed several types of crashes related to particles. This won't prevent all crashes but should greatly reduce very specific types of crashes.
Fixed a bug that allowed items previously removed from the game to contribute to Mastery totals. As a result, some players will notice a small reduction in Mastery.

As an example, consider Player A and B who each collected the same recipe at different times.
When Player A collected the recipe a data error made it grant 2 recipes, so Player A got 4 mastery for it (and kept that 4 mastery).
Player B collected the recipe after the data was corrected, so Player B got 2 mastery for it.
After this fix is live, both Players A and B will get 2 mastery for the same recipe.