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04-23-2017, 12:39 AM
About Me
My GT is Pete2DSM2, I've been playing trove for around 3 months now. Still finding out new things as I go.

Clubs I Am In

Hail Scum- A select few of us are in here. This is my main club that my friends are in. My contribution to the club world is making the Portal House and the house with all the forging inside.
Trove LFG- The one that probably most people have heard of. I help out mainly for Shadow Towers in here. More on that later.
Bawlz Club- I help a few of my other friends on here again for ST runs.
Treasure Goblins- U9 grinding and ST runs is what I do here.
Need an Ultra ST group here.

I main the chloromancer (hybrid build), currently 15,604pr (23/4/17) and I have the lunar lancer as my 2nd. I have all the classes, just not high pr.

Shadow Tower
I can solo hard comfortably and have done D.o.T.M in under 90 seconds. Aiming to beat this personal best soon. I run shadow tower hard carries on Monday and Sunday, full runs. I do this 7pm GMT on Mondays and 7:30pm GMT on Sundays.

Watch all my shenanigans on twitch under http://twitch.tv/icyandragoni
Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/2dsm2
Twitter- @Pete2DSM2

Anyone want to play just find me on my gt. I preferably would want people to grind u9 with me and hook me up with people that can run ultra in full right up to daughter of the moon.

Thanks for reading.