View Full Version : Marketplace needs a Fix or shut it down!

Beep Equals One
04-13-2017, 05:19 PM
This is now the second time I have been burned by the marketplace!! Once again I have purchased a pack and once again Trion has taken my money and NOT given me what I have paid for! I have submitted a ticket as this did work last time, but this has GOT TO STOP! Yes, the game is a free to play, but you are offering an option to use real money. The community should NOT have to continuously submit bug tickets to support in order to actually get our in game purchases! If the marketplace is bugged then as a business you need to address this ASAP. If it requires a patch then patch the thing, if it is going to be a while prior to fixing it then you need to TAKE IT OFFLINE UNTIL IT IS FIXED!! Horrible business practices like this is what makes communities disappear and games fail. I thoroughly enjoy this game as do many others, but this neglect to your customer base is absurd. If something is broken, then own your responsibility to your customer base and ACTUALLY TELL US! How can a company, that relies on gamer loyalties to a product, continue to exist if you are constantly lying and pushing out unfinished and faulty products non-stop!

Sorry for the rant, but I feel I can speak for much of your fan base that this abuse of your customers has got to stop. If you are honest with us, I am sure that most will understand. But to just simply rely on us to submit ticket after ticket in order to have your product work as intended does not convey a sense of trust, or even acknowledgement, to the gamers that support you.

04-14-2017, 09:26 AM
Hey there! I'm sorry for the frustration. I looked at your account, and it appears the issue here is related to a specific purchasing problem our team has been looking into recently. We're working on a solution for this now, and we appreciate your patience!

I also confirmed your ticket was moving up the queue, so our CS team will reply as soon as they can.

Beep Equals One
04-17-2017, 11:18 AM
Thank you for letting me know that the team is at least looking into the marketplace issue. However, now I am getting impatient though as I have not yet even received a reply to my ticket. It is going on 4 days and I have still not received my merchandise or even an email from the team. The last time this happened, it took maybe 2 days before the problem was fixed. My other concern now is when is this actual marketplace fix going to happen? I pay for patron and I cannot trust the market to actually give me my merchandise, how am I supposed to re-up my patron pass when I cannot get the market to even give me the credits I purchase without a hastle?