View Full Version : A question on optimal ssettings

04-06-2017, 10:29 AM
As you are the developers of this game, i imagine that some time has been spent deciding on the default settings for things such as draw distance and super sampling. I thik its fair to say that the default setting are not delivering optimal frames per second on the ps4. So in that respect, my question is, what are the optimal setting for delivering a steady and smooth frames per second that where found during the development process?
I have found that setting /postbloom false; /drawdistance 100; /loddistance 50; delivers a nice framerate (40-50 f/s) and alows for /supersample to be set at 2.4 without crashing. The longer i play in a single session the slower the frames per second get though and after about 30 min i get 20-40 f/s. Why does this happen,is it possible that the game is caching unneeded data in ram?