View Full Version : Marketplace Suggestion

04-05-2017, 04:49 PM
18 slots isn't nearly enough to do decent sales as some take dsys in-between sales, even when the lowest price. This could be alleviated by making an extremely simple in-game auto-sell feature:

The top 3 slots of the marketplace sell tab would have the ability to be toggled from manual to auto. The currency accepted, total price and price per unit would remain unchanged.1 additional input box would be present when the slot has been toggled by the user to auto, the number of batched items per sale.

So, if you want to sell 5000 infinium at 8 flux each and want batches of 500, you would insert the price of 8 flux, 5000 total infinium, and 500 for the batch size. This would then relist 500 infinium at a price of 4000 up to 9 times. If all are sold when the player returns, there will be 40000 flux to collect. If only 5 are sold, 20000 flux will be collected and 2500 infinium returned to your stock.

If you want to sell 50 qubesly 2 at a time, you would enter the currency, price, total number of 50, and batch size of 2. This would auto-relist up to 24 times.

The marketplace prices would be so much more stable and the prices better for every user if just 3 out of 18 slots functioned this way for each user.

I would make a minimum of 99 flux per batch to avoid users spamming the system. This is low enough to allow for low priced items but high enough to prevent relisting hundreds of times with say, 1 shapestone at 2 flux each. You could start out with just 1 auto-sell slot per user to see how the system responds over a couple months before adding more.