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Hit Ruxah
03-26-2017, 06:36 PM
Hello i would like to offer my time to build in you club world. Not for free though i do charge flux or certain items that are somewhat equal to the amount of flux that charge. I do not have a certain price just depends on what i will be building and how much time it will take. I also require a down payment before any build that way in know i wont be getting scammed. GT: Hit Ruxah

Here is a picture of one of my most recent builds still not finished but i still like it enough to show it off. http://images-eds.xboxlive.com/image?url=MSVnmBUo_fHjbLYMjAEUQzJTeHqaZhuo5GgL3AkX ahmJoIco8dE1XFOtLZ5PwJBiI.aVthUGG7wiMkgnuuRAZgk.2Z t0EPvykc_Eno7_N2xze9C7mFL6WPdG5_2T2keDQuX3Fza2hqTz xI9u2Wqh3E.wbr8F.4bsROiAzq.x7rMdlYTZk7lJgUq1jXy2S6 MfkrVsKpUAuG9K4hbzEFqu_0O0sz61dG22V3SkUihb96Q9nTCs zqIcrjDHlHbaFrWK0uZC_KniwILjOmDdrM1B0PbdZ05YGix32v Op9UEhngM-&format=png&h=640&w=1138

04-04-2017, 04:02 AM
I'm looking for some Landscaping and some interior design. I have the outside of a building done'ish and the inside is just empty and void. I would like the inside to have halls around the circular interior that looks like the halls of Miranda castle. ill have pictures attached. the outside looks like some art from ravnica. let me know what your cost is. Feel free to add me. Gamer tag is Vesserik. Id prefer to talk more on Xbox messenger if you can. Thanks.