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03-25-2017, 01:00 PM
ok so since the new update to the inventory system there has been alot of problems with items, not being able to move certain items, trade or put on market place, first it was penta's , to fix it you would have to trash any pentas you had in your inventory ( i trashed 2) to fix the situation, now its the same with arena coins,i try to move them to chest or MP and the description says its either dragon coins or twice forged or something else along the lines, ive also tried emptying my whole invent to move the coins and that wont work either, ive restarted the game also re-installed and this time i am certainly not willing to delete 9 arena coins just to fix the problem, it seems that trion have to break something every time they claim theyre fixing the game, ive put alot of money into this game and there is so many problems, first it was the emblem glitch ( i know why you guys glitched that) then it was the lunar souls and and titan souls (i also know why you guys did that) we are out of beta now and i am certainly expecting you to up your game in these glitches, it was sort of acceptable in beta but not anymore, this is becoming a very very stressful situation

03-26-2017, 04:13 AM
If your pentas glitch, have a friend list anything on the marketplace for you amount of pentas, buy said item and clear your inventory of them, and then trade your friend back for your pentas and they should work. Doubt it will work with coins.

03-26-2017, 11:38 AM
yeah it wont work with the coins, the penta situation i already did that, i find it rather funny that dev team are replying to other threads apart from mine, would now like to expose trion for the lunar soul/titan soul situation, ill be waiting another hour or two before i post the reasons why they keep adding glitches into the game when theyre supposed to be fixing it...

03-28-2017, 01:16 AM
ok so i have logged on today to find that i now cannot trade my quad forged shadow souls, i cant put them on market place either or put them into my chest, ive moved the whole inventory to chest and put it all back in but i cant do anything AT ALL with the quads or arena coins, I SEE that you have been replying to other threads apart from mine?? im a paying player with well over 300 patron points and im being treated like a piece of dirt on the bottom of your shoe, this is very disrespectful and i expect this to be sorted!

03-28-2017, 01:55 PM
Hey there! Our team is aware of this issue and they're currently investigating. Sorry for the trouble!

03-28-2017, 02:54 PM
thanks for the automated response, you did a hot fix today and fixed nothing, so here goes, this is the reason (I THINK) why they did the lunar soul glitch: they came out of beta and needed the game to look better than it actually is so what they did is let the lunar soul glitch happen, basically they wanted more people to play the game by creating more accounts and running through shadow towers etc, more active players more downloads so they would go up in the playstation store, if they "accidently" put the glitch in there would be no sprite (image) on the market place at all, for instance look for the boot trophy in the MP there is no sprite for that and that is something put in the MP on purpose, market place is a whole different section of code and requires its own images etc, now for the emblem glitch, they left it in for a goosd few months so the player base would get used to using them so when they removed them everyone would realise how much they actually needed them and spend money just to get them... they attempted to fix but added another glitch in so you would need TWO emblems to use ONE and you would need THREE emblems to use TWO... ive been to college myself for IT and game design and we where taught tricks like these for micro transaction games, its rather sneaky in my eyes and really isnt acceptable, theres also some other glitches out at the moment ive heard about that defo is a game breaker, though i wont be mentioning anything about these as i value my time on this game....

03-30-2017, 10:51 AM
still not fixed, this game is pointless playing if i cant sell anything, i cant progress at all, this is beyond a joke, i have over 300 patron points and im considering contacting sony to get my money back which is well in my rights as you are now out of beta and there is major major problems with the game, the game is not as advertised, also a load of my mates are willing to do the same if this isnt fixed very very quickly as it is happening to them also. you did a fix the other day and nothing was done, you claim you are fixing things but you just put the server down for like 15 minutes to make it look like you have, im seriously frustrated now!