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03-21-2017, 06:26 PM
Ok its this simple,In ST Ninja always hits with class gem shurikens, reguadless crit or not.
Everywhere else, they just phase through enemies.
Theres no bonus to crit in st like there is damage, so why is it near impossible to hit enemy with shurikens outside st?
Enemies dont take damage nor receive stasis effect? I just watch as they pass by.
I have had the shurikens work, maybe 1% of the time in portal worlds, always in st with 1 ninja.
Could this be collisions not occuring due to dropped frames?
Seems odd the difference in effect between ST and EVERYWHERE else.
This need fixing pronto!, no more spending till its REALLY fixed


03-21-2017, 11:01 PM
Time- Buggy always

Context- standard ps4, occuring any world/biome except shadow towers, no damage done and visuals not dissapearing.

Expected- After 3 successful enemy hits, neon ninja aquires fully charged shurikens ,indicated by 3 pink rings around character, backflip then R2 to release shurikens, shurikens fly out causing stasis effect and deal damage, reguadless if crit or not.

Observed- As above untill pressing R2 to release shurikens, shurikens are released passing through enemy, no damage any type. The 3 pink rings remain, able to backflip and R2 and release fully charged shurikens continually until either 3 rings dissapear/time out OR shurikens actually hit enemy causing stasis and damage. Much rarer the shurikens hit before stored charges time out.

Repo- occuring any world/biome except shadow towers where works as expected, theres a bug there for multiple ninjas you lot should already know about.

Hope this helps, play very little now due to ninja being useless in U9 while this is occuring. Other classes not close to as exciting to use personally.

Cheers Bloodthirsty-Bob

03-22-2017, 03:44 AM
This must be either a rare problem or a problem that only happens to people that aren't me. I have been using my Neon Ninja since beta and his shuriken has always worked, regardless of world. I cannot help you other than try to improve your internet connection or game settings, because you might be lagging in the Uber worlds because of how large they are, even with procedural generation. Either that or unsocket and resocket your gem, kinda like a dumb "turn it off and on again" kinda deal.
That's all I can say, I'm no Trove expert.

03-22-2017, 08:28 AM
It's a known bug and it was just fixed on PC in the last patch.