View Full Version : Minor/major issues post release. Any issues of your own? Post below.

03-16-2017, 08:20 PM
•Unmovable penta forged souls.
Case Reference number: 850991

•Portals in a 3 block peripheral being able to be used when you are not looking at it.
Bad because if you walk by a portal and accidently press X you will go in said portal that is in peripheral view. Happened 3 times on occasion in club world. Can be tolerated but it's a nuisance. Should be changed to direct look? Maybe.

•Broken Mastery Rank leaderbaords.
You guys already notified us that it is a visual glitch only, but if they are rewarded the weekly for top rank then it is not merely a visual only. Cry all you want. But some spent too much to be top Mastery Rank to be out ranked in contest by visual rank glitch.

•Shadow tower disconnections are still a thing.
Upon entering or transfering to the next portal, disconnections still occur.

•Distorted sound on occasion still.

•Not a bug but should allow us easy access to scroll down categories in crafting inventory, ie. Holding down Left trigger so we can navigate down crafting categories easier instead of pressing down each and every single resource/item.

This post can be found in both General discussion and bugs/ glitches section so it can be seen more. Forums for xbox is dead anyways

Server Latency
03-17-2017, 09:00 AM
I'm still experiencing the same issues I had pre-patch with no reprieve.

Shadow Tower
Last night I grouped with two people in a party on XBox. One member did not get disconnected in the entire time we were playing. The other player was disconnected 12 times across the 4 stages of Shadow Tower. I, myself, was disconnected on every stage (read: every time I entered a portal to transition to the next stage, regardless of changing from one boss to the next) for 3 floors. Thankfully, the person we were with was very patient and waited it through.

Distorted Sound
The two sound problems I have are from 1.) fire sounds, 2.) artifacting during sound playback caused by a memory leak.

The problem I have here isn't just portals. It's next to impossible to stack items near each other and accurately choose which one you want to use because those huge pop-up boxes are always in the way covering what I actually want. It makes building difficult. I'm a minimalist and this violates my motif.

Beep Equals One
03-18-2017, 08:13 AM
As title states, it was fine earlier this week but there is a ridiculous amount of lag even when silo at times and recently it was been crashing 5+ times in 30 minutes... Freeze then CTD

03-19-2017, 08:30 AM
When i go to buy dragon souls with my dragon coins it says insufficient invintory even tho i have empty space