View Full Version : PvP Que Bug

03-15-2017, 10:57 PM
Ok, so Reason #357 for hating Trion support: no matter what, or how many patches go out, nothing is ever really fixed. What isn't fixed immediately takes months to work out, and when they fix it, something else gets broken in the process. This new "update" with a bunch of "patches" to fix previous bugs missed this glaring one: each CTF PVP lobby is waiting for "1 more player." Every room. No room ever completes, the same old players are sitting there afk waiting, and me and a party of five people have gone between all of them trying to join. When there's one more player waiting, the other member can't get into the room. What's going is on is that in each room, the lobby locks up as soon as there's one more player left and nobody gets in.

It's always.



At one player.

You have no idea how frustrating it is amidst constant crashes, messed up skills (Shadow Hunter still has a broken passive), and graphical errors. This game has been out for years, and the beta has been sitting on the same problems for moooonths. There is no excuse at this point.

I'm willing to eat my own words here. If a mod comes on here and says, "We're working as hard as we can, we know this is an issue, blahblahblah" I'll eat a slice of humble pie and be cool with it for now. But really, this is getting out of hand. I just wanted to enjoy a piece of this game I hadn't been able to explore, and we still can't.

EDIT: One world worked. Gameplay went by as normal. Game ended. Desert/Neon place loaded, stuck at one more player.... -sigh-....