View Full Version : Leprichauns- Social club for new players

03-15-2017, 06:29 AM
Im running a social club intended for new players, I myself am new to the game, this club is just intended for helping each other out, and just have fun, older players are welcome but may feel out of place, I have 1000PR on my main and have been playing for about 5 days, I think im the highest ranked member in the clan, XBL is mosher66, best way to contact me

Update: im now 3K PR and working on the center area of our club, the average PR is now between 700-1500, im hoping to start running ST hard soon, our club is in serious need of a good tank, and some miners who would be willing to donate infinium, we also have a small architect building area, however you will only be promoted to architect if I see you around alot, you are being social, and preferablly also helping out other members of the club or running ST