View Full Version : Trove command line update?

03-06-2017, 10:09 AM
I have been looking for a command that I am not sure exists yet but definitely should so if it already does please let me know, and if one does not exist can somebody please tag a dev for me because i am not quite sure how.

Im an officer for the club Lego of Me, (if you wold like invite pm me on PSN) and i run regular events that i create myself just to give the members something to do together and win fun prizes. However, for some events i would really like to be able to have a bit of control over what they can and can not do. specifically teleportation.

One of my events for example, is a giant 5 level maze, which i like to stock full of goodies. it works well but there is nothing i can do to prevent them from teleporting to each other within the maze. there are other events which i would like to be able to disable teleporting for as well, that is just an example.

Perhaps a /bantp command would be in order if that is not to much to ask? :3 club world only kind of command. for example, /bantp 30min or /bantp 5min . that way i can turn off tp for the zone i am standing on for that amount of time. Like i said if there already is a command for this please let me know, and if not please tag a dev for me :) Have a wonderful day and thanks for the support! :o:o