View Full Version : Lunar Lancer Standard Attack / Sweeping Attack Does No Damage

02-28-2017, 04:22 PM
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This issue seems to be unique to Lunar Lancer - Revenant normal attacks with spear have yet to demonstrate this problem. Occasionally (every 15 minutes or less), Lunar Lancer spear attack and swing attack (not ultimate or thrown spear) will deal no damage for 10 to 20 hits in a row. Energy is expended and enemies deal damage, so there is no lag that I can see (damage never 'catches up' in other words).

The most common enemies this effect tends to occur with are:

Flying Enemies (Fae, Dragonlings, Shadow Warriors at Recipe Dungeons, Boss Flying Dragons


When rushing a dungeon or lair and immediately attacking a dungeon boss before it spawns its escort (typically two additional enemies). The boss will take no damage nor will the escorts.

Repro Steps:
Rush at boss (mounted) and attack before it aggros and spawns escorts.
Attack flying enemies on level ground

It is my understanding that the spear has a narrow attack spread, vertically and horizontally. I'm inclined to think this is a vertical spread problem. It's not very consistent, so hopefully you can reproduce it - but literally, 5 to 10 seconds of no damage dealt to the enemies but all other combat functions (healing, jumping, moving, taking damage, ultimate, spear throw/grapple and their damage) act normal - implying its not a lag issue.