View Full Version : Carrying Ultra Spider Walker and Weeping Prophet (+ other floors) Reasonable Prices!

02-23-2017, 06:07 PM
Ultra Spike walker: 15k per person
Ultra Weeping Prophet: 10k per person
All other hard/normal floors: 5k per person.

Im unable to carry ultra 3/4 by myself at the moment, but will hopefully be able to in the future.

Im currently a 16.9k PR neon ninja with maxed stellar gear and all level 20+ stellar gems with relevant stats. For reference, I kill U9 bosses with one potted crit.

How it works: I invite you plus anyone else to the floor you want. You do nothing but pick up loot. After the third floor and right before going to the boss floor, you pay me at the trading post. We then go to the boss and I solo it. You're welcome to help, as long as you don't move the enemies in any way.

1. If you don't pay on the third floor, you'll be kicked and blacklisted from using the service in the future. No exceptions.
2. If you're a neon ninja, you cannot attack. Due to the shuriken bug, it will affect my dps.
3. Unless you ask beforehand, you cannot invite extra people to the run. If I notice people that I didn't invite, they'll be kicked and banned from the service.

If I die more then two times on any floor, I'll refund half your cost and continue with the carry. I don't normally die, but NNs are squishy. The floor with the lava pillars in the middle is particularly awful, and spikewalker can be a pain, but besides that, I don't die much. You can expect zero deaths on WP boss with the exception of lag, and minimal deaths on SW boss due to either lag or getting blasted onto spikes. If I do, just wipe and we'll start over. There will be zero deaths on hard/normal floors unless I disconnect. If I do disconnect, please just wait patiently while I reload the game.

I'll offer discounts to anyone who brings friends. If you bring two or more friends for a run everyone else pay 5k less. For example, if you and three friends want spider Walker, all four of you will owe a total of 40k, or 10k each. Besides this, the prices are completely non-negotiable. You can bring up to 6 friends making it a total of 7 people.

Compared to other people who wanted to charge around 40-80k per carry, I think these prices are pretty fair. They may change depending on demand.

My GT is 'redacted'. Send me an Xbox message if you have any questions, I'm normally on during US daytime hours. Ive done many services through trade chat already, but if I do one for you through the forums, please post here after to let others know :)