View Full Version : @Fasti - Dropped all my money on an item your game has that doesn't work.

02-21-2017, 09:12 PM
Hi. I have been playing Trove for about a month now. I dumped every single item I owned into the marketplace to buy a Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg after seeing someone flying around on it and feeling like the Beta dragon didn't really match the Time Sage costume I purchased for my Ice Sage. After four days of troubleshooting (Google, these Forums, Trove Global Chat, a phone call, and an unanswered support ticket to Trion Worlds) I realized that I bought an egg, for 184k flux, that cannot be hatched. Trion allows an egg to drop in game that currently cannot be hatched in game because the "Party Animal" item is currently un-obtainable in Xbox One. So I got completely screwed out of all my inventory and 184,000 Flux because of this. I understand this is a beta, but why have an egg obtainable from a pinata if you cannot hatch it? A little bit of support would be nice, I'd really appreciate being able to get this dragon versus having to gamble a ridiculous amount of money on greater dragon caches to possibly obtain the golden variant of this after selling every item I have ever gotten through farming or whatever since I started playing Trove on a game obtainable in game that cannot be used because the prerequisite item for hatching it ISN'T available in-game. Honestly, I've spent about $80 on this game because I loved the direction it was taking, with the mix between dungeon-crawling and another popular voxel-based game, but I haven't touched it since I found out that I was able to buy an in-game item that doesn't work at all, and I probably won't touch it again until this situation is rectified. Yeah, I realize that there are probably people ready to tear this apart and call me a troll, or tell me I didn't read into this enough, or tell me it was my own risk for dumping money into a beta. I learned after Happy Wars that this was a possibility. I just can't believe that you could offer a dragon egg that is unhatchable and my only option is to repost it in the marketplace for the same price and then screw over another unknowing person for 184,000 flux, perpetuating the same cycle of greed and abuse.

02-25-2017, 06:09 PM
from what i understand, the party animal is soon to be introduced come the spring rotation, when it replaces the seasonal winter pinata in the store. there are different themed pinatas based on each the current season. and the timing of the xbox one release happened to make it so the dormant pinata dragon egg was not usable immediately upon release. so, it is not unhatachable, it is just not possible at this moment in time. but spring is near, and that will change soon.

02-25-2017, 08:59 PM
This is still Beta, wait for the full game to fully release, you'll be able to hatch your lovely dragon soon :)