View Full Version : Alittlespents Trading Post

02-16-2017, 04:16 PM
**all trades and sales are final, trades always welcome**

Current inventory:
Hats: sold out

Face: sold out

Ring: s4 md er, 70k

Multiple s3 rings, xbl msg with specified stats andnprices.

Melee: sold out

Bow: Rad 5star, max pearl, pd,cd,ch,mh can reroll bottom 2. 120k obo

Staff: sold out

Spear: sold out

Items, consumables and everything in between:

Meownt: x2 make offers
Shmeep:x3 make offers

Will be posting many weapons and armor on here in the future/ rare exotic mounts and items ect. Keep checking back in!!!

Msg me with items your looking for and price your willing to pay. Ill go hunting.

Also selling my building services, pixel art or replica castles buildings structures or cities, msg me for appraisal.

Gt: alittlespent