View Full Version : Can we get some help or clarification on the Return to Trove Valentine's celebration?

02-16-2017, 10:19 AM
When the event was announced, it wasn't labeled PC only. And devs have been deathly silent on every medium one can think to ask them about it on. Don't appear to be responding to tickets on the issue either (maybe this changes? High ticket counts right now I understand)

I get that most events are going to need the latest update and associated content to function correctly. It sucks but I think most players understand that. We enjoy the game and patiently await the PC update and full release. But an offer like this? For what reason could there be that it wouldn't work for console? It's simply empowered gem boxes and gem booster boxes. Things that exist in our version. And thousands of players meet the criteria set forth. Console version was live for most of that time, tons of players have 50 mastery or more, and tons have also spent money in store.

Console, especially Xbox, has slugged thru many bugs, crashes and more than usual down time. Yet so many continue to play the game, get their friends to join in, spend money in the store, and contribute to the community. What makes them less deserving than PC players? It's bad enough we have much less content, avenues for advancement and activities to participate in. Would it be so bad to reward us for sticking with it?

Even if it isn't possible to retro console players with this offer, could we at least get clearer incentive details in the future? Maybe even consider console specific offers if PC ones are too hard to implement? Or just freeze events and offers all together until the game is level across all platforms? Something, anything to show our time and money is also valued by Trion.

02-16-2017, 11:00 AM
Hey there,

The confusion here was my fault. I try to be sure to be very clear in posts when something is PC only. In this case, I wasn't clear with the original post, but have updated it (http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?117668).

We'll continue to rotate events on the PC as we always have. Once we have the console and PC versions of the game on the same cycle we'll make a whole bunch of noise about it. Until we've synced up we will still have events that are PC only as consoles don't yet have the tech in place to do many of the things we can do on PC.

Sorry for the confusion. Go ahead and post in that original announcement if you have more questions.