View Full Version : Patron not active

02-14-2017, 06:01 AM
Bought a pack off the store on sunday that had the 3 Titans treasure loot boxes and the 3250 credits which also give the 20 days patron. As of since then I have had no patron bonuses such as the double daily bonuses, my daily chaos chests and my triple cubits. I also bought the 750 credits off the store today and hasn't given me the patron either. Any idea on what to do to fix this or is any other player experiencing this.

02-14-2017, 07:27 AM
It's not 20 days patron but 20 Patron points. Patron points give you a badge.

03-07-2017, 10:31 AM
My understanding of patron points, is that the more you accumulate, the better the deals are when they pop up in your in game store for packs. It also increases the chance of getting the free gem booster packs for free, also found in the store. Patron points grow as you spend more money in Trove, and i believe the command to see your current patron points is /stats , which you type into chat.

It may or may not have other features i am sure there is a thread somewhere with more detail on the actual mechanics of patron, but that is what I have heard from other players thus far. If i find out more ill be sure to update this post. | Hope this helps!