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02-13-2017, 10:51 PM
I want to buy the following fish. If you have any of them mail me on Xbox Live where my gamertag is PTFO Hanoth and name the price you want for it.

Just to clarify messages saying "offer" will be ignored.

Fish List:

Abyssal Gazer
Ancient Seafish
Wide-eyed Noobfish
Radiant Dawnfish
Radiant Moonfish
Weird Fisheye
Hub Hugger
Dry Bone
Dancing Dragonfish
Rainbow-Shelled Turtleing
Shadowspawned Trilobiter
Glass Gazer
Ancient Lavarider
Flameroasted Noobfish
Charred Hub Hugger
Soaring Flamefish
Tropical Volcanofish
Frigid Firefish
Reef Liquoral
Ancient Chocolurker
Blue High Flying Cotton Candish
Pink High Flying Cotton Candish
Pressurized Gobfish
Popular Poptopus
Frog Prince
Phoenix Fish
Deep Sea Merthing


03-13-2017, 08:38 PM
Tell me how much are u looking to spend, I sell a set of all 64 fish it gives u over 900 mastery points 1200 when u craft, also 26,000 glim