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02-13-2017, 07:28 AM
To everyone that complains about Trove...

Give Trion a break.

Let them know of the issues in the customer support ticket, and move on.

If this is not a satisfactory answer, then please read my thoughts below.

Understand the Computer Science:
Coming from an individual that writes code, it can be very difficult to fix. One fix may lead to another issue in a separate section (the reason new bugs form after an update). The fix for this bug may compound into other issues as well. When you add in more variables (updates, expansions, etc.) the problems can easily compound. My advice is to not underestimate the difficulty of the task.

I personally believe that they are trying to prevent the situation that arose with Defiance. The game was a "complete" product that didn't work well. This tanked the games great potential.

The game is also being translated to Xbox One. If you were to google translate this post into another language, then you would observe various grammar, verbiage, and structure quirks with respect to that language.

Understand the Economics:
Invest in Trove and Trion (In-game Purchases and Stocks).

If you would like to have updates faster, spend more money. The higher the revenue of the game, the more focus will be applied to it by the provider (simple economics). Trove was brought to consoles for a larger market. The response of that market to the product will drive the attention given to the game. Statistics don't care about your feelings.

The more money Trion obtains from Trove, the more resources it can allocate to the demands for the game. Take into account the marketing of the game as well. A large update will provide high publicity. If this update fails, then Trove will receive bad publicity and lead it down a sad path (Defiance).

Everyone should strive to be at the platinum level for patron coins... lol ;).

Understand the Logistics:
Trove has to go through internal quality control. This loop system will continue to assure quality experiences. Along with internal logistics, Trove is then exposed the bureaucracy that is Microsoft (which is saturated with games, betas, movies, etc.). Contracts, marketing, negotiations, and profits all influence a games path through Xbox Live and Microsoft. (Microsoft should have invested in Trove, not Minecraft haha!)

Final Remarks:
The complexity of the game coupled with economics and logistics of development are, in my opinion, the reasons it takes a long time for advancement of the game. Provide constructive feed back to developers, with specific information about the issue (my game keeps crashing vs after opening 20 chaos chests and traveling to my club, I loose connection to the game). If you really believe (enjoy) in Trove, then invest in purchases or stock surrounding the company.

Also remember, we are still in BETA.

I would advise to take this into account before writing or complaining about the game. Critically analyze your comment and figure out if what you are going to say has merit. Thanks for listening to my rant about rants!


*I got your back Trion, I wouldn't mind if Ganda, Albairn, or Mount Stashes appeared in my inventory magically ;)... jk *

02-15-2017, 09:59 PM
Very well said my freind, i couldnt have said it better myself. Im developing a game myself in my spare time and well have been for a while.. Got a few projects going, anyways i agree 100% people need to either **** or get of the pot. Support trion and they will support you. Be productive and calm when adressing any issues, i understand frustration,just express it in a positive way.

Gt: alittlespent

02-16-2017, 05:33 AM
You know my pain with writing code then! I am writing code using python and matlab to handle my scientific data. (Updates to these programs suck for older functions!). I am considering looking into some stock for the company. I think they have a growing brand here. Needs a few tweaks but there product is expanding. My only reserves are how do they get over the new brand phenomenon. This investment would only last maybe 2 years with respect to console generation, but maybe shorter due to novelty wearing off.

02-16-2017, 07:38 PM
A quest system for sure, a class quest to obtian one of the "new" abilities, club events system and dailies. But def a drive to create some lore through questing. And i use unity, 3ds max ect, and monodevelope

02-16-2017, 07:41 PM
I tried to stick out defiance, but the fps drops and diss onects have been a problem then in defiance and now in trove. I hope this gets resolved, i have high hopes for this one. And yes, i would also think about purchasing stock... Since i spend money on the game, promote it to friends and stream it as well... It only makes sense.

02-20-2017, 07:44 AM
you can say all you want about trion but the fact is they dont have enough people working there for all the traffic.. especially since people are investing in the beta.. there responses are completely out of this world.. hell look at xbox and ps4 .. ps4 is a head by an update and i know they have different setup then us in the game.. there was a marketplace glitch on the ps4 we didnt have it on the xbox.. there was a dup glitch with ps4 going through a portal back to hub and then through the portal now not anymore.. this progressed the marker on the ps4 almost double compared to the xbox a ganda there is 11m+ here its 6m+.. the marketplace on xbox is crap compared to the playstation.. so dont try to say give them at trion a break when they arent keeping the xbox users current when there to afraid of glitches happening but there using ps4 as a beta to the xbox

02-20-2017, 02:28 PM
I agree that the bugs are annoying, but I would like to say that it is important to take a rational approach to the issues. I would also say that I presented a rational arguments regarding economics, logistics, and technology.

In regards to them being under-staffed:
Spend more money. According to payscale.com the average pay for a programmer is between $60,000 and $70,000 a year. The revenues from the game would have to compensate that much money to have a null net gain. If business operated at a net gain of $0 a year, then it would disappear. If they do not have enough employees, then you should give them a break. This only means that there is a lot of work for few people. Remember this is a BETA.

In regards to the updates:
The PS4 maybe more readily translated with respect to the PC Game, or they may have higher expertise in this area. They may have received a patch that attempted to correct glitching and cheating. Your comments seem as if you are upset that you didn't get to take part in the glitch. If that is the case, then you really have no room to complain. Remember this is BETA

In regards to the market:
The market does have issues. Especially with scrolling to new items, but other than the interface it is not Trion's fault. The prices are determined by economics. Supply and demand drive the games economics. There is simply more supply in the PS4 market from duplicating of items. This led to price depressions for basic items. Simple economics can explain why things are cheaper on the PS4, and why items are even cheaper on the PC. I played the economics of XB1. I bought the lowest priced enchanted wood and re-sold it at a higher price. Takes a lot of flux, but it is an aspect of the game. Remember this is BETA.

My suggestions to the response (I am assuming you will have) is this:
Take into account the business aspects along with the game.
Try to understand the programming between each (I believe they are C++, but there is Midware to account for).
Differentiate between player influences and Trion influences.
Remember this is BETA.


02-20-2017, 02:54 PM
Trove servers have sucked for over a year.... they're happy to take your money and you have no idea what you're talking about...

02-20-2017, 03:02 PM
This obviously isn't referring to the Xbox One version given your time frame.

I would recommend that your opinion be based on logical reasoning and not a personal attack. To make a personal attack against someone without knowing anything about them, reflects poorly on the individual.

If you can backup your claim with any rational argument, I will gladly discuss it more.

02-21-2017, 09:09 PM
They screwed me out of 184k for a dragon egg I can't hatch, meanwhile I get to listen to Smitherloo spam global chat with colorful phrases such as "Old enough to bleed. Old enough to breed." God I hate this community.

02-22-2017, 06:32 AM

I do apologize about the chat. I get a little reckless when there are other fluids present. That is bad judgment on my part, and I have decided to make sure is minimized. I am in control of me as you are in control of you. We can not control what people say. There will always be drunk, ignorant, annoying, and trolling players in online games. I can be accountable for my actions, but not everyone will be. I have learned from playing online games my life is to let it be water off the rocks.

In regards to the pinata:
The pinata egg does suck, but if you hold onto it once the BETA is over you will be allowed to hatch it. Look at it as a short term investment for a long term pay off. It is not waste unless you are looking for immediate gratification (which this game is not lol)

02-22-2017, 10:05 AM
im upset over the fact that there is a flying glitch that has yet to be addressed.. they are holding 1 update to combine it with another... our market sucks nuts compared to playstation and they playstation players are getting flux out of the yin yang while we have to spend 22 bucks usd to get just over 200k in store crap... or grind and sell stellar gear to where the market is flooded with it they where 400k now there 250k ... you want me to spend more money on the beta where there customer service takes a week most times to get a response? are you kidding me.. how about they pay me to play there so called beta.. all the other game previews and betas they dont take even as close to doing a patch as trion does... dude preaching to the wrong person

02-23-2017, 10:56 AM
Maybe you should invest in some soap to get the brown off your nose.

Really? Your solution to problems is... Giving trion more money? The Stockholm Syndrome is real. As someone who actually works a software development job for a major company, not just someone who 'writes code', trions QA for console updates has been completely laughable.

But I suppose it's easy to pretend you know everything about trion and Trove when you joined a month ago.

Also, you're a pedo. Last post on the first page alludes to you posting pedophilic messages in global, to which you admit to in the post right after that. So people, are you really going to take business advice from someone who makes comments such as that ?

02-23-2017, 04:02 PM

I will address your comments piece by piece.

"Maybe you should invest in some soap to get the brown off your nose. "
Not sure how this is constructive for this conversation, plus you need to get better material.

"Really? Your solution to problems is... Giving trion more money? The Stockholm Syndrome is real.
People state Trion is under-employed, they are small, etc. The only way to expand is to have more capital. The only way to get more capital is to invest or purchase product. That is simple economics. I do like the joke though!

As someone who actually works a software development job for a major company, not just someone who 'writes code', trions QA for console updates has been completely laughable."
I do not agree with statements made from authority. As Ben Shapiro stated,"A PhD from your institution of choice, does not make you an expert in everything in that field." You are saying because I work in the field related to software development, I know more about it then you do. This blanket statement does not provide me with any proof you are qualified to discuss it. I believe I am able to read various textbooks regarding business management, finance, and economics to formulate an opinion on various topics. The experience plays a role, but is not the only factor required to formulate a reasonable opinion.

"But I suppose it's easy to pretend you know everything about trion and Trove when you joined a month ago."
see comment above.

"Also, you're a pedo. Last post on the first page alludes to you posting pedophilic messages in global, to which you admit to in the post right after that. So people, are you really going to take business advice from someone who makes comments such as that ?"
Taking business advice from a trove player posting his opinions on a forum is never a good idea. I provided my opinion based off of economics, business management, and writing code. You should always do your own research before investing.
The real reason for my response to this nonconstructive comment is the accusation that I am a pedo. First you do not know me, thus to make a claim like that gives a poor reflection of yourself. To take a well known western joke and claim as someones beliefs is straight up ridiculous. The comment was posted large series of jokes that were similar. Now was is it poor judgement , yes (that is what alcohol does). I can not retake what I have said, but I will own up to my mistakes. It is called being responsible. Now because I am owning up to a poor joke, that make me a pedo? I believe that an accusation like that better come up with some real evidence other than the repetition of a well known joke. That is identical to saying a comedian is _____ because of joke _____ of your choice. You should think twice before trying to state that I am something I am not. Especially if it is something repulsive as that.