View Full Version : WTS event styles + fish trophies

02-12-2017, 04:15 AM
message me in game or leave a comment with ign

selling the following styles for 1.8k each:

Frigid Friend x10
Slaying slay x3
Turbo Turkey Crash Helm x2
Party Hat x1
Rudolph Raptor Beanie x3
Winter Warden x7
Resolute Redsnout x12

Piniata Hats mastery x1
spring x3
summer x1


im selling the following fish trophies:
normal: 100 flux
silver: 300 flux
gold: 500 flux

Jumping Jadefin normal 7.84lb 8.18lb
silver 8.60lb 9.15lb

blue belladine normal 7.72lb 8.38lbx2
silver 9.45lb
gold 9.55lb 9.98lb

Violett Verseskimmer normal 23.35lb

Shadowspawned Trilobiter silver 45.93lb

Orange Malingue normal 76.08lb 79.07lb

Mint Choctacoice normal 7.99lb
silver 8.80lb

Saltwater Swordfish gold 97.82lb