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02-12-2017, 12:25 AM
Ok seeing as how there isn't a general discussion for all*systems, which there should be for people to just chat about all the changes across platforms instead of forcing them to their own consoles, I'm just gonna post this to all 3 as it can be done*on all 3 systems.

I see people asking for invader/giant farms quite frequently and if a harsh person tells them to build one for themselves, or if they just want to build one for themselves they usually have no idea where or how to start.

Now keep in mind that the ones I show here are examples so you don't have to explicitly follow them to a*tee if you don't want to (but I advise that you do as it's much easier to build one of these as a starter).

** Now there's 3 types of farms: active kill farms (where players wait for invaders/giants to spawn then kill them as a group),*afk fall farms (where giants take fall damage and die (which doesn't happen often so they're pointless)), and finally the most popular are AFK*farms (the invaders/giants take damage from*lava and die). Any way you choose though be prepared to spend a lot of resources and time building it.

Now macroing or botting to keep from being logged out is*not allowed and can get you banned (but that doesn't stop a lot of players in afk farms sadly). With that said one or two of the devs*stated it was all right as long as you were contributing to conversations or just clowning around while inside the farms.

Ok now for what most people were waiting for I made a tutorial for the*style of AFK Farm I prefer on youtube located here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW89UQVNIek

Odds are that you'll have to build*the walls*of any of these up to the build height limit with*four blocks of air between the roof and a platform on the inside at the top but you MIGHT (and I cannot stress it enough MIGHT) be able to get away with it capped at 80 to 90 above ground level (where the cornerstone sign is) with*four blocks of air between the roof and a platform on the inside but not a lot of people have.

And as for examples*I have 3 out of 4 finished with the pros and cons I could think of for them in my club world (Swords of Eternity)

The types I have finished are
* * 1) Active*Kill Farm (where the enemies are forced into an area above you)
2)*AFK Farm where the enemies die beneath you (based off another tutorial on these forums (located here http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?81469-Approved-by-Avarem-as-long-as-you-aren-t-AFK-Afk-Invader-Farm(No-Macro-No-Exploit)&highlight=Farm) but with a slight improvement)
3) and an overhead afk farm where the enemies die above you (created using a design*that*the player Tolerant helped me with)

If you're on a console version but know someone who plays the pc version (or you play it yourself)*try to check out my world in some way so you can take pictures or screenshots to keep track of what you're doing.


The fourth example is now finished and combines the Overhead AFK Farm in the basement portion and an Active Kill farm in the upper area. So depending on if you're hosting an Active Kill or AFK Farm you can close off the sections you don't want people to use and force the giants to spawn in the basement or the upper area.

02-12-2017, 12:40 AM
Interesting and informative ty for the share lol