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02-09-2017, 01:16 AM
Hey geezys, just sharing who i am in Trove.
I used to play pc quite alot but then quit for a time and when Trove came out again on Ps4 i emediately dled it from usa store (im dutch but still) and have been playing it on usa server since. (only used european server to be able to buy content tbh then went back on the usa obv cause thats where i have my lvls, mounts, clubworlds, pets, etc)

Ill just put down a simple readsheet on my personal info here:

Sexe: Bruh.
Age: Born in --83
Lives in: Netherlands
Hair: Short mohawk, classy beard (a bit like liam mcgeary the ex mma-champ).
Hobbys: Playing guitar, biking(bicycle), playing puzzle and buildings things, naturephotography(insects, bee's etc), socialising with the babes.
Work: Retired freelance videogame music composer. (classical, electronical, orchestral and retro chiptune), doing some sports now.
Pets: Had 2 kittens; Dapper and Siesel, had 2 fish; Diamonds and fish. Now only have a stuffed animal called monkey hanging on my doorhandle.. (only the fish died btw, the kittens were taken by someone else because i couldnt afford the flea meds anymore, was getting into red numbers cause of it)
Politics: Local conservatist.
Food: Grilled buns with vegs or pumpkin soup. Cant choose.
Drink: Ginger ale or any herbal tea. But fennel is the best.
Animals: CATS. Even stray ones flock to me, we had cats around all my life so i know their language and they apparently sense that.
Music: Classical (fauré, liszt, chopin etc), progressive rock (ayreon, earthside etc), old softrock (queen especially), elevator music. (yes rly)
Fave holiday: sinterklaas (its the dutch santaclause origin)


Thats what im willing to share. Greets.
Maybe see you ingame.

11-18-2017, 04:00 AM
added some info for fun. :p and updated a few things.