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01-28-2017, 12:25 PM
So, i'm at about 14k PR, could easily be 16k but i intended to hold out on stellar gear upgrades until prices dropped a bit.

I'm bored guys. The uber worlds are identical to each other and although my character gets stronger I'm left asking the question, so now that i'm stronger what can I do with my stronger character? I looked to the PC version to see what additional content had been added since its release and the answer was disappointing. More dragons.

This is fine, but what they also did was nerf the drop rate of loot, so although you now have a ton of magic find and are getting plenty of nice drops, they just nerfed the drop rate by half anyway making 6+ months of dragon coin farming obsolete and gearing up for new players without those dragons twice as hard.

GEm RNG was next, if the purpose of the game is progression, then every player will reach a point where upgrades become exponentially harder to achieve, which in turn means that per hour spent grinding, i'm rewarded with less and less PR, and, since i've already beaten ALL of the games content, I ask myself, what the point of it is. It becomes less and less satisfying, and more and more time consuming as the game goes on.

Ok, fine. The game is a little bit light in some areas but the developers have promised us more content in future updates. Looking to the MoP expansion, same dungeons as before but harder, and better loot drops, which were nerfed to be close to uber 6 pre MoP. Progression served no purpose, it was an illusion.

I started this game with friends, got a good empowered gem and left them in the dust. They quit before they could catch up and I was limited in how much i could help them. I can't trade gems and the PR on gear wasn't even close to my gem. I then reached enough PR to hit up daughter hard and got another 2 gems, GG. My friends didn;t have a chance, we're all split up in PR and playing by ourselves now. I made friends in game, they quit and went back to their previous game of choice.

"But suri its a beta, give the developers time". PC version was out for two years, nothing i've said here is news to them. The top TEN posts on another popular forum, are all complaints about server status, content and RNG. In fact, a developer commented on one post admitting that they were light in some areas, over a year ago. Since then they only added higher difficulties of the same content and more dragons. Which was exactly the opposite of what the community wanted.

So, i've said my piece, i hope the developers listen, and honestly, i hope your trove experience is better than mine has been because, its a really fun game but it gets boring real fast and the developers simply don't care about us.

rant over. sorry

01-28-2017, 08:22 PM
When people ask me what Trove is, I tell them it's like mixing Minecraft and Diablo. If you don't enjoy both of those, with all the farming and repetitiveness included, you won't like Trove much in the long run.

That said, I really do wish there was a way to help other people get Empowered Gems. It's the bottleneck keeping a lot of people from breaking 5k, getting Class Gems, and becoming awesome.

I will drop whatever I'm doing to help anyone get a class gem. I try and run randoms through Hard ST every few days. The best thing you can do for your friends is try and help them get S4 rings and mats for leveling their equipment up. Take them into the highest Uber they can get into and help them grind gem dust. Shadow gems start to get good. Help them get to level 20, then 30. Those slots make a huge difference in PR.