View Full Version : Hub world - water exploit

01-22-2017, 05:06 PM
IGN : Keystroy
On the 22/01/2017 I was playing trove and came across something really peculiar in the hub. Players around the hub area used the mount 'Ganda' and i believe the elemental water dragon to cover the Hub world in water. It was really fun at first but then i realised the huge implications this could have for other players with old GPU's. Lot's of people could start using this to create mass server lag and could even make the game worse.


01-23-2017, 08:36 AM
You dont even need Ganda to do it, all you need is the Water Primordial Dragon, i will not "teach" how to do it, since i never did, or want to spread it, but i know its easy to do.

Keep in mind that your Hub world is just a stance that will be "deleted" as soon as the last player exit it.
And an stance can only stay up for around 9~12 hours after that it self "closes" Crash.

So it may be bad for players with old cpus, but what they can do is just go to another portal farm for some minutes them go to the hub and the chances to enter another hub is pretty high.

Trion dont punish people that does this Griefing because it dont really "harm" anyone, the same goes for adventure worlds.
The only Griefing they punish are the one done to clubs, and cornerstones.