View Full Version : Particle Effects Dropping

01-15-2017, 03:51 PM
Been pretty consistently having particle effects drop while playing. This often happens during a challenge (I assume because all the particles going off at once) but also happens when I'm soloing or in PVP.

When they drop the dungeon portals will either completely disappear (uncommon) or be still visible but noticeably messed up (purple portal will turn mostly black, orange portal mostly transparent but still visible).

Portals for worlds like U5/etc will be gone except for the swirling yellow lines/mass in the center, and the base. Most(all?) battle effects stop working- abilities, potions etc. To be clear everything still works just the particles are gone.

When this happens I usually restart, if not it seems to crash eventually- though, and I don't mean this as a jab- it'll crash eventually anyway, so who knows if they are connected.

Anyhow, sometimes hours will go by with no issue, other times it may happen twice in 30 minutes.

Please let me know if screenshots or more information is needed. Thanks.

Edit: character name on ps4 is mogustus