View Full Version : Unable to login on my main account.

01-12-2017, 07:48 PM
So this has been three weeks now I have not been able to login, I really think this is a bug in the game. When I load up the game and hit play it loads till it says "success, continuing login" at the bottom. After that it pops up saying "failed to connect to auth server. The servers may be down for maintenance."
Ok so the servers may be down but I know that they are not because if I login with my second account I can play no problem. When I talk to support they keep telling me it is my "ISP" but if that was the case why can I play on my second account just fine.
If anyone of the devs reads this please try to look in to the problem I am having.
When you work head to be number one in your class you really don't want to restart.

Thank you,
To anyone who can help.