View Full Version : PSA: Doing STs without losing your spot

01-10-2017, 07:43 PM
Every time I check the forums I see people mentioning the frequent disconnects when transitioning areas, and how this makes doing Shadow Towers nearly impossible. So you click the black portal to go to the next floor and after a long wait you finally load...into the hub world!

To keep this from happening, keep an eye on the bar at the bottom of the screen when you're waiting to load. If no text shows up after the first 15-20 seconds then you're probably going to end up loading in the hub. Instead of waiting for that to happen, hit the home button and force exit Trove then restart it. As long as you do that before the game gives up and starts loading the hub world area, you'll load up where you left off in the Shadow Tower, right in front of the black portal you were trying to use. No more hoping the portal in the club world is

It's by no means a perfect fix but it WILL let you do your weekly STs with little to no problem. I still don't bother farming them because it's annoying.