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01-07-2017, 05:43 PM
First of, I love Trove and will continue to play, but man.....the struggle is real. With SOOO many problem on the Xbox, it deters me from logging in sometimes. So what are these problems? Well lets begin:

Disconnections: You will randomly Disconnect or the game will freeze. The "retry" button will not help, you can only dashboard and quit the game before reloading, bummer.

Lag: OMG, the lag. There are times throughout the day, the lag is unbearable. I usually quit and come back later. The lag spikes have been happening frequently. This is one of the biggest concerns I have for Trove consoles right now:

Settings: So, you log in, change your audio, video, many even social settings. Guess what? when you log out, you have to redo ALL the settings again. Freakin annoying.

Shadow Tower: I dread running shadow tower, I feel like I have a 50% chance to either load into a zone or get stuck on the loading screen. There actually some Shadow Towers that will load players on the roof. ridiculous.

Losing Gems: Luckily this hasn't happen to me. But, has happen to a couple people I know. Apparently, when removing an equipped Gem, the gem will sometimes disappear. This happen to a buddy of mine, and he lost all of his Gems by removing 1 gem. Then you have to submit a ticket, which takes a week or more for a response. I've actually heard this happened to one of the top players on the leaderboards but unable to confirm.

Sound: Sometimes the sound will bug out. If you wearing a headset, prepare for hearing loss. All you can do is either reset game, or turn sound off through audio setting(but it wont save).

Club member list: This still doesn't work properly, only leaders show up on lists although there is a way to populate the entire list, its not functioning as intended.

I'm just ranting because I've disconnected 5 times back to back which annoyed me. These are just a FEW of the problems in Xbox Trove right now. There are tons more, but I personally feel like these are the major ones which needs to be addressed ASAP. Did I miss any of the Major bugs? Please feel free to rant like I did, it actually made me feel better, :cool:, back to Trove!

01-13-2017, 07:35 PM
Noted Issues that are really starting to frustrate me and several others I play with:
1. The Rubber-banding is enough to make me lose my mind
2. Maps are slow to generate, I've noted as more people explore the map, the more bogged down the game becomes.
3. Constant connectivity issues for one reason or another, especially when the top of the hour event occurs.
4. The crafting station...really? I have to back out every time I change a recipe.
5. Marketplace, either you buy whats on first page or pack sand.
6. Random sound effects all over the place.

1. I truly believe the NPC static artillery traps that fire projectiles are a significant factor of instability for the game.
2. Want to break the game? Put a Boomeranger and a Pirate Captain together in the same room, console cant handle it.

I suggest you shrink maps enough to streamline the game system or cap each instance at a specific number of players lower than it is atm. Second, restart your servers more frequently. This game play model can afford a 10 min downtime daily. Finally I would like to see an option to "lock" an item so it doesn't get melted by accident...it does happen.

Keep up the good work and such not, focus on the real problems for consoles. Do that and I'll keep contributing as a Patron.

01-13-2017, 10:18 PM
Lag: OMG, the lag. There are times throughout the day, the lag is unbearable. I usually quit and come back later. The lag spikes have been happening frequently. This is one of the biggest concerns I have for Trove consoles right now

On pc servers too actually. I'm literally so mad right now, wasting my patrons for some lags. Can't really play, I haven't even move one block and the lag moved me up and down, frontwards and backwards. For a few days (actually everyday), that makes me plays trove only about 30 mins a day or maybe less than that, or maybe just collect some daily rewards.

01-22-2017, 03:10 PM
as soon as I bought patron, it seems even worse. Down to a 25% chance of loading in when loading. And now I'm put in a que for 1 or 2 minutes EACH TIME.

01-22-2017, 03:35 PM
Honestly, I've had almost zero trouble with lag on Xbox. I've disconnected maaaaybe once, and besides loading into the hub, there's no lag for me. Though I should say I'm only a couple hundred miles away from trions servers, assuming their trove servers are in the same place in NA as rift.

Ive had the sound problem too, and the marketplace bug drives me crazy. The marketplace is a huge part of the game and trion acknowledged the bug over a Month ago and haven't done anything.

Another issue I get, is I'll have to sit in front of a shadow tower portal and mash X repeatedly until it finally lets me in. Sometimes it'll take five minutes and the boss will already be dead, while I sit in the shadow market room mashing X waiting for something to happen.

Honestly, the most recent patch notes are a huge let down. The game is riddled with bugs and after a month they're only going to fix a couple.

01-23-2017, 01:45 PM
Just failed 6 times in a row, trying to get to my club.

01-23-2017, 02:29 PM
Been playing Xbox Trove for about a week now and I have not been randomly disconnected yet, the lag is definitely a issue. The other night I did have issue loading into zones and it going make to play menu this may have been a slight issue that was hotfixed. no issue with the club or shadow tower. just the laggggggggggg it is real! lol

01-24-2017, 09:18 AM
These are definitely important issues we're facing with the beta. We've got a stability patch coming to address the majority of crashes and disconnects. A large number of bugs are being worked on as well so the launch patch will address many lingering issues (such as the Marketplace only allowing you to use the first page).

We're going to continue working to improve the game with updates. Unfortunately, because the console update process requires a lot of additional steps it's not easy to just do a quick hotfix. More updates are coming and things will get much, much better.

01-24-2017, 09:46 AM
there is also the lack of being able to go to page 2 and buy stuff in market. (has not happened yet to my knowledge but they can be exploited hard to drive market prices down on some expensive items)

then the lack of a manual input for amounts when splitting a stack. (hard to help friends when you try to change the total stack quantity by more then 1K you might as well give them it all its faster)

04-24-2018, 07:23 PM
its buggy AF it crashes my game and ive used 7 shadowy watchtowers all to spawn incorrectly, 35k flux, and around 10k flux for the bombs cuz it just is really annoying