View Full Version : Xbox Marketplace Bug

01-03-2017, 03:21 PM
Currently I refuse to purchase or sell anything on the marketplace because of what I consider a fairly serious bug. I can only select and highlight items on the first page. Every time I switch pages and scroll down the “highlight” of an item disappears and I can’t select anything until I go all the way back to the first page. While I understand you can sort by amount, it only sorts by lowest price per item. If some suddenly decides to post 6 stacks of 10,000 shapestone for 10,000 flux each (1 flux per item), I’m now forced to that exorbitant quantity because it hits the front page as the cheapest per item and I can’t scroll down and select a posting with fewer quantity. Hopefully this bug is at the top and will soon be fixed. I feel the marketplace is ruined until this can be addressed and the longer it goes unfixed the longer the player economy will be controlled by a select few.