View Full Version : Controller Vibration Bug (Issues)

12-30-2016, 10:54 AM
There seems to be an issue with the controller vibration settings based on the class you are playing.

Currently on my Pirate Captain and Revenant, I get the vibration on my controller when I mount up, get attacked, or cooldowns. I DON'T however, get vibration on the controller whenever I jump or double jump. This is acceptable as the vibration would drive me crazy.

That being said, this isn't the case on lets say my Chloromancer and Candy Barbarian. The vibration seems to affect even the jumping and every consecutive jump after the first one. It still does the vibration for mounting up, cooldowns, etc.. but in addition it vibrates for jumps. This is extremely annoying and inconsistent. Why would the Pirate Captain vibration work one way but my Candy Barbarian work another?

Please look into this and remove the vibration for the affected classes when they jump. If this isn't possible then I implore you PLEASE! add an option in the control panel to remove vibration period. Not everyone likes the constantly vibration of the controller when you mount or jump.