View Full Version : PS4 Trove Freezing

12-30-2016, 02:13 AM
I'm on mobile so sorry for any formatting issues. So this problem started last Thursday morning and has been occurring since then. My game will freeze randomly and will force me to have to restart the application. This doesn't only effect me but anyone who is in the same world as me. Their game will also freeze and they have to restart as well. I think I may know what is causing it, but it's just a guess. So I main a dracolyte and when I use my r2, the noise of the flames never stop unless I move away from were I initially shot. The thing is, is that if I go back to the spot, the sound is still playing. I don't know if this is why my game freezes and causes others to freeze but it might be due to the fact that the game can't handle each of the individual shots sounds never stopping.

Edit: Ok so from a friends friend, he had said that the problem of why my game was freezing was because the meca dracolyte skin was bugged. He too had the skin and his game would do the same thing as mine. So now after taking it off, my game hasn't froze at all and is fine. Although now hopefully the skin gets fixed so I can use it again.