View Full Version : Forming parties in PVE and espesially PVP

The Happy Dalek
12-25-2016, 07:12 AM
I told my club I am loving this new Xbox One addition called Trove, now most have joined me and are enjoying the game as well. We decided to bring our club to Trove and it's filling up pretty quick. However when we want to PVP or something, we can't pre-made into a team, or even get in the same game at all half the time.

I'm a positive person and so I don't mean to seem so condescending or critical, and I apologize in advance if it seems that way, but it certainly seems like basic MMO logic that people are going to want to party up with friends and club mates. I know it's early beta, but I have spoken to veteran PC players who say it's not available on PC either.

There is no reason that a club of people should have to gather around the PVP portal and say "3..2..1.. okay go" and try to synchronize the X button. The best part is even that accomplishes nothing 85% of the time.

I noticed while you can "join world" with someone which works I suppose, there is not PVE parties either. This game is unique in the way that it's not 100% necessary in PVE of course, especially in shadow tower and such, but it would be nice to know when someone is about to go down so that I can quickly use my ult on Candy Barbarian, Moon, or Rev ults to keep them up.