View Full Version : The scroll button prompt on Store items is incorrect or there is no function to it.

12-21-2016, 09:09 PM
Time: Always
Context: In the Store section, when highlighting an item, the scroll arrows show the right stick as the stick to use, but that doesnt work.
Expected: i expect to be able to read the whole item descriptions.
Observed: using right stick changes the item selection instead, just like the left stick does.

Repro Steps:
1. Open the Store section and select a bundle or item.
2. Try to use the right stick, just like it says, to scroll down.
3. Notice that the right stick acts as the left stick does.

Additional notes: There doesnt seem to be any way to scroll down. (maybe page up or page down when plugging a keyboard into the ps4)

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/xsmiNuT

12-22-2016, 01:16 AM
Thank you for the report! I've submitted a bug report on this issue, so please keep an eye on upcoming patch notes for any potential fixes.