View Full Version : Very small but annoying bugs

12-20-2016, 11:06 AM
This game is great, I used to be on PC but went to PlayStation when it was released.

However there are two annoying bugs I would like the console developers to know about.

1. This game has full keyboard and mouse support (one of the only games to do so) and I like it. The keyboard works fine if not perfect, but the mouse refuses to respond to any input.

2. Simply the horrid frame rate in some areas. This game is locked to 60 fps but in normal play the frame rate probably averages to 30 fps. In some biomes like Frigga's ford the framerate feels like it's constantly around 10 to 15, which is basically unplayable.

Solveing these issues will make the game feel alot more polished and complete. So thank you for solving these issues in the next patch or patches

12-20-2016, 11:13 AM
Sorry, just realized this is the wrong thread, if anyone has a solution to number 1 then let me know