View Full Version : Major Framerate issues

12-16-2016, 02:35 PM
Not sure if this classified as a bug or just a major issue but...

ps4 original launch day version, 500gb original drive as well. Gets around 20-30 fps standing still, 14-18 when fighting bosses (or when just riding kami mount), drops down to as low as 4 fps when fighting certain shader spouting bosses. That is when fighting SOLO, group fights and dragon challenge runs can and often are utterly impossible as framerates drop below 1 at times (far to often). Hard drive is not full or fragmented and already had it's directory rebuilt recently. This was also tested on 3 different units of the same type (my nephews asked me to join them and they are having the same issue).

edit - also as a side note is that the server is experiencing severe issues with rubberbanding (at sub 90 ms ping on my end), massive desyncs, blocks not loading and blocks regenerating (tested with boomeranger bombs and some of the blocks always regenerate in the middle of the bomb's explosion). So far this ps4 client seems to have enough bugs to rival an ant supercolony.

edit - There seems to be massive issues with shaders. Flames, auras, etc.... anytime they are displayed then fps plummets.