View Full Version : Bugs :)

12-14-2016, 01:14 PM
1. Shadow Hunter either doesn't shadowmark enemies or it takes forever to do so.
2. Ranged enemies seem to do a lot more damage than melee enemies.
3. If you die as you kill the boss (split second late), then go back to fight it again, it will heal infinitely. (Pretty rare)
4. You can't buy anything from the player marketplace on the 2nd+ pages because your indicator disappears.
5. You have to exit and re-enter crafting menus to craft more than 1 item (2 different items not multiples.)
6. Occasionally enemies won't be able to damage you. (Only happened to me once, but it couldn't hurt me.)
7. Upon respawning your character will occasionally walk aimlessly in a random direction.
Will edit with more as I come across them :).